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Political Efforts, Football Join Forces

By Charles Parachute
Sports Editor
The Friends of Coal Bowl, which for seven years now has featured West Virginia University and Marshall University meeting on the gridiron, comes to an end Saturday as the schools have not agreed on continuing the series.
Other schools across the country, though, are embracing the idea of having political – or, [...]

We Conclude Our Top 25!

By Charles Parachute
Sports Editor
We finally conclude our first ever Top 25 rankings, starting with a president and ending with the nation’s best team!
#5) Barrack Obama & Joe Biden
The Hope is back! After an upset victory in 2008, O is looking to repeat in 2012. Biden – the “new Chain-y” – is a little older and [...]

Investigators Whittling Down Suspects in Coin Throwing Incident

Detectives Say Culprit Would Have to Be ‘Inhumanly Powerful’
By Charles Parachute
Sports Editor
MORGANTOWN, W.VA. - Police are looking for the person - or thing - who threw a coin at University of Pittsburgh assistant basketball coach Tom Herrion during the team’s loss to West Virginia University.
According to reports, the area beneath Herrion’s eye was “visibly bruised.” Replays [...]

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