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Hurricane Blizzard Hell Storm Leaves Some Unconvinced

By Donald McFarland
Staff Writer
As Hurricane Sandy barrels toward the East Coast, bringing strong winds, the threat of major flooding and, somehow, October blizzards, some are questioning the existence of global warming.
“Blizzards are cold,” said Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois. “How can this be about global warming if it’s cold.”
Warm air holds more water vapor than [...]

Palin Offers Solution to Pirate Problem

Pirates Call Governor’s Remarks ‘Offensive’
By Rosa Clondowski
Contributing Writer
WASILLA, AK - As world leaders ponder what to do in response to the pirate problem in the Gulf of Aden, referred to in inner circle as “the revival,” Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has stepped forward with a potential solution. 
“You betcha,” said Palin at a recent news conference. [...]