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Hurricane Blizzard Hell Storm Leaves Some Unconvinced

By Donald McFarland
Staff Writer

As Hurricane Sandy barrels toward the East Coast, bringing strong winds, the threat of major flooding and, somehow, October blizzards, some are questioning the existence of global warming.

“Blizzards are cold,” said Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois. “How can this be about global warming if it’s cold.”

Warm air holds more water vapor than cold air. So as air temperature rises, the planet would experience more rain and snow over time. Climate change, then, can produce blizzards, along with other extreme weather events, according to many scientists.

“Presuming climate change could only produce heat is like thinking the moon doesn’t exist when the sun in shining,” said Dr. Peter Falcon of Augusta, Maine.

“An event such as this - a mega-hurricane that triggers blizzards in October - isn’t necessarily the result of climate change and global warming,” Falcon continued. “But … come on.”

Many, though, remain unconvinced.

“I don’t see any tornadoes,” sand Frank McGowan of Allentown, Pa. “If this was such an awful storm, wouldn’t we have tornadoes and droughts, too? And where’s the tsunami? Don’t expect me to be impressed by a little thunderstorm that destroys the East Coast. Don’t expect me to be impressed by a little snow.”

For vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin also chimed in about the hurricane blizzard flood.

“Maybe we should ask the liberals where the storm came from,” she said. “I blame all the hot air coming out of their mouths. And gays. And cap and trade tactics. Maybe we should cap this storm and trade it to China for jobs. How ’bout that?”

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