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Republicans Fight ‘Dark Voting’

By Donald McFarland

Staff Writer

HARRISBURG, PA. – As the November election approaches, some states are taking tougher stances against voter fraud.

Pennsylvania recently joined several states with strict voter ID laws requiring citizens to show identification before voting. Often, states require photo IDs, such as driver’s licenses, passports and IDs created specifically for elections.

Critics claim these mostly Republican lawmakers are looking for effective ways to make voting more difficult for minorities and the poor, who traditionally support Democratic candidates. But Pennsylvania House Republican Leader Mike Turzai argued the new law “is gonna allow Gov. Romney to win.”

These states now are taking even bolder steps to fight voter fraud, or what some Republican strategists call “dark voting.”

  • Pennsylvania now requires voters to take a country music quiz before entering polls.
  • South Carolina requires a receipt for any LL Bean purchase.
  • If voters in Georgia do not have photo IDs, they have the option to take a written test related to “Atlas Shrugged.”
  • Women in Missouri without voter IDs can qualify by registering their vaginas and installing rape detectors.
  • Texans must show, in addition to photo IDs, proof they have purchased or sold stocks within the past month.
  • Wisconsin voters must show photo IDs and participate in a series of wine tastings, correctly identifying the wines by type and year.

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