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Countdown Continues with Pair of Georgia Teams

By Charles Parachute
Sports Editor

We continue our Preseason Top 25 countdown today with a pair of Georgia teams. It’ll be interesting to see who has bragging rights at the end of the season!

Georgia Bulldog

Georgia Bulldog

#20) University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is easily the second-best team in Georgia. It should compete for an SEC title, and fans are gearing up for another season of disappointment. Because LSU, Alabama and Arkansas also are in the SEC.

#19) Grayson High School

Grayson is easily the best team in Georgia. It starts the season ranked as the nation’s best high school team, because the country’s insatiable thirst for ranking things has extended its gnarly tentacles into high school sports, wrapping around vaunted high school talent and squeezing it until it bursts upward into the college and professional rafters, an arterial spray of sweat, tears and blood coating fans as they bask in obsession, hamburgers and compulsion, throwing their money toward athletes who are cursed to fail and suffocate in the fumes of perverse expectations.

Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat

Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat

#18) University of Texas

The Longhorns must do well, because it’s the University of Texas. Whatever would we do if Texas didn’t get back on top? Maybe they can begin their return to greatness with their first game … against Wyoming. Fingers crossed.

#17) Clemson University

Clemson earlier this year lost the Orange Bowl 70-33 to West Virginia University. They should do fine in the ACC, though.

#16) Michigan State University

They fight in the name of Sparta, and they are fearless. But it never ends well.

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