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German Diver Contests ‘Schmakin Hyman’ Score

By Charles Parachute
Sports Editor

LONDON - Stephan Feck, the German diver who’s made a splash on YouTube, is contesting his score of zero, which came during Monday’s 3-meter springboard preliminaries.



After three flips, which Feck dubs “strudel dudels,” he smacked on his back instead of entering the water with a dive. Feck calls it a “schmakin hyman,” and although he didn’t plan on executing the unusual move, he argues he did not deserve a zero.

“I should get some point for just jumping, like how American students will get some points on a test for just writing their names,” Feck said. “And I did my strudel dudels. Why no points for the strudel dudels?”

Olympic spokesperson Pip Crinkle called Feck’s dive “very unfortunate.”

“You just can’t land on your back,” he explained. “If he lands on his back, it’s not a dive. And therefore, he, of course, receives no points.”

Crinkle did not comment on Feck’s efforts to contest, but he did say he doesn’t expect the Oympic Committee to approve the schmakin hyman as an allowable entry.

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