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Crying Added as Gymnastics Event

By Charles Parachute
Sports Editor

LONDON - Less than a day after gymnastics competitions ended at the Olympics, organizers announced a major change for the 2016 Games.

Russia's Viktoria Komova

Russia's Viktoria Komova

“We’ve noticed there is a quite a bit of crying during the gymnastics events, and these athletes are rather good at it,” said Olympic spokesperson Pip Crinkle. “Why not make it part of the competition.”

Crinkle said crying will be part of both the group and individual competitions for both men and women. A major difference, though, is the women will cry to music.

“This should be great news for the Russians, who are excellent cryers,” said NBC gymnastics analyst Tim Daggert. “But other countries should do well, too.”

Organizers have yet to determine maximum score numbers for crying, but Crinkle suggested deductions could come with fake crying, uneven number of tears, saltiness and, of course, the number of hops after a gymnast stops crying.

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