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Romney Criticizes Penguins

By Cynthia Stallion
Staff Writer

NEW YORK CITY - Only a day after criticizing London’s preparation for the Olympic Games, presidential candidate Mitt Romney garnered more attention by disparaging penguins.



During a visit to Central Park Zoo, home to more than 60 penguins, Romney called penguins “flabby and slow.”

“If they’re birds, they should be able to fly,” Romney said. “I just don’t know why these things exist.”

Romney also questioned why penguins balance eggs on their feet for two months.

“They should hire nannies, like most hard-working, middle-class Americans,” he said.

Political analysts have questioned Romney’s remarks.

“I don’t understand why he’s crapping on things most people like,” said Russell McCarthy, a political science professor at Boston University. “The Olympics? Penguins? What’s next? The Godfather movies?”

Not long after Romney made the remarks about penguins and this reporter talked to McCarthy by phone, the Republican candidate visited the red panda display.

“What is this, a mutant raccoon?” he asked one of his advisers. “This thing’s gross.”

“This is a red panda,” the adviser whispered. “Just about everyone thinks red pandas are cute and cuddly.”

“Why is it that color? Is it sick?” Romney asked, not whispering for some reason.

“No, sir,” the adviser whispered. “Please stop saying things out loud.”

“Whatever,” Romney said out loud. “I hate this thing almost as much as I hate pizza and baseball. And Mother Theresa was ugly.”

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