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USC’s Sanchez Opts for NFL Draft

Coach Calls Decision ‘Dirty’

By Charles Parachute
Sports Editor

USC quarterback Mark Sanchez gets dirty during a sack.

USC quarterback Mark Sanchez gets dirty during a sack.

LOS ANGELES - University of Southern California quarterback Mark Sanchez has announced he is entering the NFL draft, a decision Coach Pete Carroll called “dirty.”

“We didn’t see eye to eye on it, and I think it’s dirty that he didn’t trust me more and went forward with it anyway,” Carroll told the Cannon Newsletter. “Sanchez, to me, is dirty.”

Sanchez responded by saying he doesn’t like being called “dirty.”

“Others have called me dirty before, and it always makes me angry,” Sanchez said. “They’d call me ‘that dirty Sanchez,’ and I don’t consider myself dirty at all.”

Teamates have in the past referred to Sanchez as “dirty” after he was sacked. That’s because his uniform would get dirty.

“But this is another kind of dirty,” Sanchez said. “The way the coach is using it, it means something else entirely.”

Carroll won’t be apologizing anytime soon.

“Every time I see him playing on Sundays, I’ll say, “That dirty Sanchez made a bad decision, and he’s going to pay for it when his carreer sputters. He’s going to find himself in a dank, dank place, and dirty Sanchez will regret it later.”

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  1. #1 Corey
    on Jan 23rd, 2009 at 1:40 am

    I cannot BELIEVE you went there!!!!! All I can say is… wow….

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