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Yes, Virginia, There Is …

Part 4 of 4
And so we conclude another “WalMart Christmas!” We hope you’ve enjoyed these heartwarming scenes.
Until next year, Merry Christmas!
Two men are in the automotive department. They notice an employee walking by toward the toy section.
One man says, “Hey, buddy, do you work here?”
The employee answers, “Not in this department. I’m trying to locate [...]

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Part 3 of 4
We continue today the third act of this year’s “WalMart Christmas.” Again, everything that follows actually happened.
A mother is pushing a cart through the Christmas decorations aisle. Her young son is sitting in the cart.
The son begins, “Will you …?”
The mother interrupts, “When you ask me to do something, you’re asking me to [...]

Deck the Halls With …

Part 2 of 4
We continue this year’s edition of “A WalMart Christmas” with seven more entries.
Again, everything below really happened. Enjoy!
Two women are in the food section. One is riding a Rascal-style scooter. They walk/drive past the syrup.
The woman on the Rascal says, “I don’t need any syrup. I have a bottle at home. [...]

It’s Time Again to Celebrate …

Part 1 of 4
One of the Cannon Newsletter’s most popular and most requested features - “A WalMart Christmas” - is back with a whole new set of Christmas scenes from America’s favorite store!
Our staff visited a WalMart near you and listened to conversations happening throughout the store. Each snipet, although it might be hard to [...]