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Glenn Beck Wins Douche Bucket of the Year Award

By Donald McFarland
Staff Writer
Fox News radio and television show host Glenn Beck has won the Cannon Newsletter’s first ever Douche Bucket of the Year Award.
It was a narrow victory, but Beck received a few more first-place votes than the other nominees, which included Rush Limbaugh, South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson and Perez Hilton.
The Douche Bucket Award [...]

New ‘Lord of the Flies’ Theory Arises

Critic Says Swine Flu Killed Simon
By Cynthia Stallion
Staff Writer
NEW YORK CITY - Historians and literary experts are scrambling to discredit a new theory claiming swine flu played a role in a 1954 island incident described in the classic “Lord of the Flies.”
Robert Upton of New York City recently published an article suggesting the H1N1 strain existed when the [...]

Mystery Writer Unveils ‘FaceHook’

Novella to Unfold Throughout October
By Donald McFarland
Staff Writer
NEW YORK CITY - An anonymous author has started releasing chapters of the “FaceHook” novella.
The online-only story will unfold throughout October.
“FaceHook” is about a serial killer who uses Facebook to find victims and creative ways to kill them.
Chapter 1 appeared today at Chapters will follow daily and [...]

Animal Farm Pigs Offer Swine Flu Explanation

Napoleon Blames Snowball for Outbreak
By Cynthia Stallion
Staff Writer
MANOR FARM - The communist pig leaders of Manor Farm, once dubbed “Animal Farm,” have begun releasing statements regarding the swine flu.
“Obviously, we are worried humans would blame us pigs,” said Napoleon, general secretary of the Communist Party at the farm, in one release. “My comrades, however, include [...]