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Glenn Beck Wins Douche Bucket of the Year Award

By Donald McFarland
Staff Writer
Fox News radio and television show host Glenn Beck has won the Cannon Newsletter’s first ever Douche Bucket of the Year Award.
It was a narrow victory, but Beck received a few more first-place votes than the other nominees, which included Rush Limbaugh, South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson and Perez Hilton.
The Douche Bucket Award [...]

Arizona Residents Love Super Bowl

A Tucson television station’s broadcast of the Super Bowl on Sunday was interrupted for some viewers by about 10 seconds of pornographic material, the station said.
- Sports Illustrated
By Ginger Teevo
Television Writer
PHOENIX - The Super Bowl, despite the Arizona Cardinals losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers, received big thumbs up from men in Arizona.
“We’d never watched the Super [...]

NBC Cancels ‘Rosie Live’ … We Told You So

Barbara Walters Could Have Been Behind the Idea
By Ginger Teevo
Television Writer
As reported on the Cannon Blog before “Rosie Live” even aired, NBC has decided to cancel the live variety show after its debut saw abysmal ratings.
“That was a big, big mistake,” said NBC President Jeffrey Zucker. “We’re trying to find out now who came up [...]

Rosie O’Donnell Show Already Receiving Poor Ratings

Program Hasn’t Even Aired Yet
By Ginger Teevo
Television Writer
“Rosie Live” premiers tomorrow night, but the show has already bombed.
According to Nielsen Media Research, Rosie O’Donnell’s variety show is ranking below every other show on television, including C-SPAN’s late-night congressional coverage, “Blossom” re-runs and the snow on channel 1.
“We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Todd Powderbon, [...]