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Hurricane Blizzard Hell Storm Leaves Some Unconvinced

By Donald McFarland
Staff Writer
As Hurricane Sandy barrels toward the East Coast, bringing strong winds, the threat of major flooding and, somehow, October blizzards, some are questioning the existence of global warming.
“Blizzards are cold,” said Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois. “How can this be about global warming if it’s cold.”
Warm air holds more water vapor than [...]

Curiosity Kills Mars Cat

By Donald McFarland
Staff Writer
PASADENA, CALIF. - Life exists on Mars, and humans have already started killing it, according to NASA.
When the space rover Curiosity landed on Mars this weekend, it crushed one of the planet’s inhabitants, a cat-like creature without fur.
“It was quite unfortunate,” said Dr. Carl Allenwater, a NASA scientist. “The very first contact [...]

Swine Flu Could Kill 90,000

WASHINGTON DC - The H1N1 flu virus could cause up to 90,000 U.S. deaths if it resurges this fall as expected, according to a presidential advisory panel report.

Other things that could kill 90,000 people, the reports says, include earthquakes, badgers, bears, spiders, avalanches, water, carbon dioxide, fire, people and sharks. If the right conditions exist, these things could kill 90,000.

Neville Brothers Battle Swine Flu

Neville Hopes Combined Vocals Will Match New Strain
By Donald McFarland
Staff Writer
BATON ROUGE, LA - Singer Aaron Neville is hoping his brothers can help him fight the swine flu.
As the Cannon Newsletter reported earlier this month, researchers at Louisiana State University had discovered Aaron Neville’s falsetto cures the common flu. Neville then planned a worldwide tour [...]

Aaron Neville’s Falsetto Cures Flu

Vocalist Eager to Sing for Millions of Sufferers
By Donald McFarland
Staff Writer
BATON ROUGE, LA - Researchers at Louisiana State University say they have discovered a cure for the influenza virus, or the flu.
The discovery came after famed blues singer Aaron Neville met with and presented a theory to the researchers. Neville hypothesized cacao butter, which the [...]