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Southern States Market Gulf as ‘America’s Dead Sea’

Health Officials Disagree with Campaign Assertions
By Donald McFarland
Staff Writer
BATON ROUGE, LA - Louisiana is taking the glass-half-full approach, even if the glass is half full of crude oil.
“We’ve had some bad luck over the past few years, so it’s time to be optimistic and turn tragedy into something that might actually help the region,” said [...]

Shocker: Yellow is Big This Spring

Just Like Every Damn Spring
By Mitzy Higinbotham
Fashion Editor
Models are strutting down the runways in Milan, New York, London and Paris as designers reveal their newest spring fashions. They all, of course, love the yellows, light blues and pinks.
Yes, it’s springtime, and we must wear light, bright colors so we can be light and bright like the [...]

Drink These Wines Because I Know More Than You

By Corky McRoberts
Wine Columnist

With spring and summer upon us, many wine enthusiasts have requested my suggestions for the season’s most enticing flavors. I consider myself a wine connoisseur after years of cork sniffing, glass swirling, palette cleansing and vineyard raiding. Others have noticed my sharp sense of taste and have commented I should write a [...]